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It’s the last day of college. It’s been wonderful four years that everyone have spent while doing mechanical engineering here in Roorkee. Rohan, Sumit and Vikram who have been best friends since day one of college are promising each other that after six months, they will go on a trip to Kasol. After that, all three parted their ways and made a way to their next destination. 

Rohan now works in an automobile company in Delhi, Sumit is working in government sector in Bangalore and Vikram is pursuing MBA from a college in Mumbai. They all are eagerly waiting for their trip. Almost regularly, they share their excitement about the trip while chatting with one another.

After six months, three friends meet in Chandigarh at about 6 AM from where they have decided to go on a road trip. They all greet each other and then started their three day trip. After covering around 50 km, they stopped for buying some snacks. All of a sudden, they see a fast approaching car hits a woman crossing the road. All three rushed towards woman and then took her to the hospital. 

On reaching hospital, Sumit completes all the formalities while Rohan and Vikram can be seen taking care of woman. Doctor arrives and after checking on woman says, “Lady has been hit very badly on head and needs to be operated ASAP” to which Rohan says, “Doctor, Please prepare for operation without any delay. I will pay all the required fee amount”. After about an hour, doctor performs the operation successfully but the woman still remains unconscious. All three friends sleep in hospital only that night. 

Next day at about 11 AM, woman awakens. All three became very happy. Woman on seeing them started crying and told them that it was her son’s birthday yesterday and she was going to temple to pray for her son’s good health. Then she told them that she remains alone here as her son lives in Delhi with her daughter-in-law. She went on telling them how her son refused to take her along with him and how he doesn’t pick up her call. On hearing this, Vikram says, ” Don’t worry Aunty, you now have three more sons. You can call us whenever you want to. Also we will come to meet you at regular intervals.” Rohan also offered her to come with him but she refused as she didn’t wanted to leave her hometown in the hope that her son will come to see her someday. 

Next evening at about 5 PM, she got discharged from hospital. They dropped her home and explained her neighbour on how and when to give the medicine. They also gave her their phone number and asked her to call them in case of any problem. Next early morning as they were leaving, woman said, ” Beta, thank you so much for everything. I don’t know how I will repay you. Also your trip got spoiled because of me” to which Rohan said, ” Who told you our trip got spoiled? We spent all three days with our mother and that’s the most beautiful thing that can happen on a trip.” Then they hugged her and started their back home journey with a satisfaction that couldn’t have came from any other trip.


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  1. A mother is always someone who sacrifices everything for dere children nd dis lesson should be learnt from her dat how to make others happy and think about dem before thinking about themselevs….a perfect trip…nd a perfect blog❤


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