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Standing in my balcony with a coffee in my hand, I can see Sharma uncle’s kids playing on their terrace. Now I want to enlighten you all with a sweet incident that happened yesterday around this time. 

It was around 5 PM. Weather was good as cloud cover was there on the entire sky. As I was passing by the road, I saw two kids playing merrily on the opposite side of road near a wholesale store. I then realized that these two kids belong to my colony only and are Sharma Uncle’s kids. Renuka who is 8 years old is the elder sister of Pawan who is 6 years old.  Suddenly I saw Pawan fighting with Renuka over a chocolate that he wanted to have from the wholesale store. Renuka told him that she wasn’t having that much money to buy that chocolate. She also gave him the option to buy another candy from the store but he was stubborn on getting that chocolate only. Then I saw Pawan getting angry and out of his anger he threw stone on the glass door of refrigerator and it fell down. This made shop owner very angry and he started scolding Pawan. Seeing this I started going to help kids but then at that moment I saw a very beautiful scene. Renuka ran towards home and then returned with her Piggy bank within a minute. She said sorry to the shop owner, opened her Piggy bank then and there only and offered all of the money that was inside it to the shop owner. Then in tears she told the shop owner not to scold her brother and take all the money. She also told him to scold her if he want to. Then she went to console her brother who weeping very badly. Seeing all this shop owner’s temper went down, he smiled and asked Renuka to keep all the money, praised her of her maturity and gave Pawan his favorite chocolate too. While returing back home, Pawan asked for forgiveness from Renuka and at the same time he promised her that he will always obey her and will never do anything that will put her in trouble again. Then they both shared the chocolate and went home happily as if nothing happened. 

That’s the beauty of childhood. A child always looks at the situation with a positive mindset. That moment I also drew a conclusion that the brother-sister relationship is the most beautiful and pure relationship to ever exist in this world. Also after seeing all this, I realized the importance of such lessons in a student’s life. These real life experiences not only make a person a better version of himself but also teaches him how to live in this world with dignity and respect. These morals can never be taught in any school. This shows how much important a summer vacation is in a student’s life.


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